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  .: What do we do ?



The Alliance Forum for Tobacco Control (AFTC) was founded in 2001 as a coalition of organizations and individuals working in the areas of advocacy, awareness and research related to tobacco control in India. The AFTC members include public health experts, health professionals, research scientists and officers from Indian NGOs. AFTC has been actively involved in national and sub-national tobacco control initiatives and has worked closely with the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare [MoHFW, GoI]; the World Health Organization [WHO]; Bloomberg Initiative [BI] and several other partners at national and sub-national level in India. AFTC is recognized as a bonafide civil society coalition for tobacco control in the country.

  .: Goal

Strengthen national and sub-national multi-stakeholder action on tobacco control through coordinated action through AFTC.

  .: Specific Objectives

1. Induct and build capacity of new and existing AFTC Civil Society Organisations (working in both health and non-health sectors) to support implementation of effective tobacco control policy measures in India.
2. Identify key national and sub-national tobacco control priorities and ascertain strategies on advancing tobacco control from health and developmental context.

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